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Youth Confirmation

In class today (Oct.25) we started a new lesson about why the Bible is different from any other book ever written.  Key concept:  Divine Inspiration = God guided every thought and word written in the Bible.

Parents On-going Memory assignment for Tuesday (Nov 1 & 8): Memorize the Apostles' Creed (Not what does this mean part). Try to memorize it all over the next TWO weeks.  Work at it a little each day!  Recite it in church. Get it down.  Write it out.  Say it out loud.  Whatever it takes. CLICK ON the MEMORY WORK HELP tab below for a Fill-in the blank page (The students received one in class; print off another one if you need another one).  After memorizing using the Catechism, the say it out loud by mentally filling in the blanks (Remember:  students do NOT have to do the "What does this mean" part). 

Apostles Creed.JPG
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